Other Products

  • Cargo Thermometer Thermotank Str-100 By Strofades Electronics   NEW

STROFADES ELECTRONICS, has manufactured a highly accurate thermometer with a wide temperature range (from -10oC to +205oC), which is able to fit to all UTI valves.

The above described device has the property of being semi-closed, in order to avoid gas leakage towards the operator.




  • Cargo Sampling Devices

Our company provides brand new and second hand sampling equipment and there are also available original spare parts of all types and manufacturers, which are being used for the services of these units by our technical staff after their inspection.


  • Pressure Gauges

Digital & mechanical pressure gauges for all types of values ready to be shipped.


  • Temperature Calibrators and Pressure Calibrators

A convenient way of performing calibrations and measurements. We are able to service, calibrate and certify such units in our workshops.


  • Inert Gas Sampling Units with sampling hose and valve adaptors


  • Calibration Gas Cylinders

As the official distributor of SEMA gases of GMS INSTRUMENTS B.V. in Greece, as well as in France, we are able to arrange deliveries of SEMA products to all ports worldwide.


gas cylinders


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